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Happy Sunday!….And boy was it.
I think today the car said that it was 75, or maybe it said 77 degrees. Whatever it was, the day was absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous. I could not get enough of it. I walked into Kroger the other day and the first thing I noticed was the sweet aroma of cinnamon all around me. Of course the smell came from those cinnamon broom sticks greeting customers at the sliding glass doors! They get me every time. Come on fall, come on:-) You just might get tired of hearing me say it. This week was such a nice week. I got out for a quick drink with friends and some much-needed venting about life. Yesterday I traveled to a small town, not too far away, for a quick day trip with my lovely friend. We walked and talked, and shopped around, and then ate real good. We are some major food connoisseurs, which makes our friendship such a happy one! Today I went to help my little brother with a school project and then back home again to enjoy a home-cooked meal, prepared by my precious grandma. It was perfect.

My mom played in my closet today, so I’m rocking what she put together. My favorite go-to boots, Frye indeed, are paired with a high-low dress by Romeo & Juliet Couture. Everyone knows I love to layer, even in the scorching heat, so mom threw my Bisou Bisou black leather vest to rock with the rest. My necklace and bracelets are all from H&M, the New York store a few years back. Man do I wish I could go back to the great NYC. Random thought of the day…
And on that note,

I hope you all have a blessed night. I also heard on the radio driving home tonight that we should all realize that we were meant to achieve something great, something greater than what our parents were able to achieve. And so this commentator challenged each and every one of us to live up to what we did last week, recognize it, and then make this week even better. For us to go further and beyond what we thought was great last week, and to reach for more. He stressed that we all have the potential to be more than mediocre, but it takes non other than our own self to reach that potential. Wow, radio personality, whoever and wherever you are, you touched me tonight. I am up for the challenge for sure. I immediately began to think about what I could do to make this upcoming week a truly positive one. I hope this inspires you to think, believe, then act! We are all so great. Good luck.