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Well, it is official. It’s the end to another weekend, and time to get ready for another unpredictable week ahead. September is here and the hype of football is in the air, a sport I’ve never really gotten into. I am already trying to get used to the Roll Tide Roll, and War Eagle status updates on Facebook:-) I cannot even believe what I have been up to myself. So, I have a confession….I am addicted to a show on HBO called Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins. Now, I’m pretty sure the show follows many different teams, but so far this team is the only one I keep catching at night. The reality show covers all preseason training. It’s amazing the process these players go through, and all to potentially get cut in the end. I will wait up at the end of the night just to catch each episode. I might have been turned into a football fan overnight!

Anyway, back to my reality, September for me means the on sight of fall, and fall equals my favorite time of year. Hopefully, soon enough it will be time here to bust out the boots. I have a pair I need to pick up from the shoe doctor, and I just might start my search for this year’s boot addition to my wardrobe tomorrow:-) But for now, we still welcome the hot weather. I guess every season deserves its stay right:-) Today was an interesting day. The ran came and went. It looked hazy before we even went into church this morning. And even though a serious downpour hit us in the midst of this shoot, we eventually got some decent shots. There was hard rain, loud thunder, and lightning so beautiful it lit up the sky.

I’m wearing a pair of my favorite wide-legged pants. I love me a pair of bell bottoms because paired with heels, they make short girls like me feel tall for a moment! You can pretty much pair polka dots with anything and any color for that matter. Mine are by New Directions. This shirt is the perfect shade of green, and from Anne Taylor. My necklace is Betsy Johnson, hat by XoXo, vintage pin, and the pumps in my favorite color are by MIA. Just before we wrapped up for the day, I drove by this amazing blue wall. What better than that right. I love the places you come across in small towns. Such character this wall possesses. And not to mention, it matched my shoes. Fancy finding that! I hope the night is a pleasant one for you all. I’m about to pop some popcorn and end the night watching some Lifetime Movie Network:-) Remain blessed,