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Happy Thursday:-)
So, this week has been a fun-filled week at work. For the first time in a while, we actually had a project to execute where we were given total artistic freedom! Our store was volunteered to participate in the Huntsville Botanical Gardens Scarecrow Trail. This is a project the store used to join in on, but we were inconveniently too pre-occupied my first 3 years to make one. So, this will be the first time our team has created and submitted one since then. We were pushed for time, and had to veto our first few suggestions, Marge Simpson being one of them:-). Last minute, my manager came up with the genius idea to do a mummy and family. This was something we could execute quickly and creatively. And so, with several sheets, yards of cheesecloth, polish, and several up cycled and reusable products and 2 days later, we have our mummy family. Our team is definitely a proud group. I wish I had the before snapshots of the mannequins, but they are on my phone. Trust me though, it was a total transformation from a white headless form, and a blue children’s mannequin to what they are now! I worked on and am responsible for the momma mannequin, while my manager worked on her adorably creepy, mummy daughter:-) And with the suggestion from our regional visual manager, we added a dog to the mix too. So presh….I painted on their eyes and we added paint and polish for a distressed and grungy feel. I even added a fascinator and created a skirt for the momma mummy, so she is officially standing in style!!! I especially love the bone my manager created out of ducted tape for the pup’s mouth. Such a fashion forward group of mummy mannequins:-) So, I present to you the visual team’s 2012 scarecrow submission. I took these pictures in our messy room, but I will follow-up this weekend with more once they are installed at the gardens! Yay us! Enjoy! This project made Brandie and me want Halloween to hurry up and make it here. Remain blessed:-)