Oh Hey there! It’s me again. It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve written last and I have missed it lots. Since April, I have cut my hair and by now I am already trying to decide what to do with it next. The weather has been gruesome, but I know it is not as bad here as in other places. I am doing what I can to stay cool, calm, and collected, and remember it could be much worse:-) The summer is flying right by me and before I know it, fall will be here, my brother will be going back to school, and not much has changed as I thought it would. I did however get some amazing news this week from a lovely, dear, close friend of mine and I am so thankful to have such blessed people in my life. Her news made my week! So thank you for that….anonymous friend:-) Maybe someday soon I will have something exciting to shout about, but until then, I will just continue to live life! This isn’t the first time we’ve done pictures with a storm brewing in the background. I think it makes for such a lovely backdrop:-) This Free People top might be my new fav for a while. All the best colors wrapped into one amazingly comfortable shirt. My go-to Jeffrey Campbell boots of course, an old but never dated skirt of mine, and Rebel lips by MAC, made my Thursday ensemble a colorful success. I hope you all are enjoying your Friday night. I know mine is simply peaceful. Until next time, stay blessed. Chez