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Happy Sunday Funday all:-) It’s been a while, as usual. I have been busy, but nevertheless I could not forget posting. Yesterday, my granna’s sorority had their fifth annual “Jazz Hatitude Luncheon”, and she asked mom and me to model for her. I can never resist a chance to wear a fun and fashionable hat. This year momma found the most adorable hat for me to sport on eBay, but unfortunately I could not figure out what to do with it. So, I took it to Karma Rags, one of my favorite little vintage shops, and traded it in for something a bit more “Me”! Little did I know that I would come across the most amazing vintage jumpsuit, and all in the same outing. The bright color was so bold and daring which made it simply irresistable for me to pass up. Im just glad that it fit. I did some sucking in, but it eventually loosened up:-) I was completely sold on the entire look, just like that:-) My mom found her hat at Karma Rags too. She was so, so fashionable in her dolman sleeve dress and booties. She ended up winning 3rd place out of all the female models. I’m so proud of her cute self. Only problem is, I failed to get a picture of her in the winning outfit! She is fast like lightning and changed so quick, that I did not get around to snapping a good photo. However, we did get several of me in my outfit. It was the perfect day, and I wish everyday would stay just as calm and serene as yesterday was. Color is definitely in for the season and this jumpsuit is sure to fit the mold. My hat was delicate and just the right accessory to counter balance such a bold outfit. The jumpsuit is by Jack Fuller, and my necklace, earrings, bracelet and shoes are by Betsey Johnson. The ring is Lucky Brand and no doubt one of my favorites. Can’t wait to wear this again. As soon as I can find a way to cover up my arms without taking away from the jumpsuit, I will! So, until next time, enjoy your night.

Love this picture with momma's shadow in it...

Harsh sun, that was for sure...

My cousin and me...love her

Sweet granna:-)..awe!

Remember, stay blessed,