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Hey World…..I’ve been missing you:-) The past few weeks have been busy. Usually the question is with what, but oddly enough, I can’t really tell you. Work, family, life…..the usual 3’s in my world:-) I am going to make it a point to do better at posting. I am also going to challenge myself to go out and search for the things I truly want. I think it is imperative in this universe that we all find a way to make sure we live vicariously through, well… ourselves. What better way to experience any and every adventure than the way you envision it. I’m going to start this week. Until then, I enjoyed the last week so much. My little brother was home for his spring break, and I can honestly say we spent maybe 24 hours total together, at the most. So sad…..but the weather has been wonderful. I am not completely sure I was totally prepared for warmer weather, but I am slowly becoming more excepting to its early appearance. My step-dad rode his motorcycle over to the house last Thursday just moments before a short-lived thunderstorm rolled through. It just so happened that I was wearing the most fitting ensemble to compliment the bike. I even caught some of the eerie skies before I went in. It is so beautiful here when it storms. We got some great shots of the clouds and all the amazing colors they turned. Our skies are truly something to see. I am wearing blue Free People skinny’s, in my favorite color of course:-), a matching blue knit blouse by Grace Elements, my go-to Fry slouch boots, an awesome fish necklace given to me by my mom and Betsey Johnson earrings. And of course my outfits are never complete without lips. I’m wearing Mac Red. I brought some color back to my hair too. The black was getting real old. I think I’m adding a little more in the next few weeks. More to come though! Just lovely, right……
So, I am going to end it here for now, but I will be in touch very soon. Until then as I say, goodnight. And as always, stay blessed.