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Today, I enjoyed the most touching home going ceremony I have ever witnessed. Whitney Houston’s family made such a wise decision in having her memorial service in the church that she grew up in. Just like many commentators have already pointed out, I think the world has been given an insight on how we, as Baptists, say goodbye to our loved ones. Everything about those 4 hours was touching and moving, as her closest friends and loved ones gave praise to Whitney’s life and the many aspects that made her such an unforgettable human being. I felt honored to be watching as God worked through so many, in such a spectacular way. It surly kept the tears flowing from my eyes. It’s amazing what love can do.

And with that being said, I have done little other with my Saturday afternoon. I have been on the go for the past few weeks, not to mention the wedding of one of my best friends last weekend. She and her wonderful husband said their “I Do’s” in Hilton Head, South Carolina…..a beautiful place! So, I don’t feel so bad messing around in the house today. I am so happy for so many people, and I am blessed to have my family with me, and safe. All I can say is that I am extremely content on this calm Saturday evening. I am going to continue to do nothing, and enjoy the weekend for once, with having absolutely not a thing to do, and nowhere important to be! I am starting to hear my stomach growl, as I am beginning to realize I missed breakfast and lunch today. Time really does fly right on by, does it not…

And so, my outfit choices this past week have been quite comfortable. Everyday, I have been in something I can easily move around in. I think I wore pants 3 of the 5 days this week. We have been tackling spring set-up at the store, on top of all the other usuals that make up retail workdays.On this day, I wanted to wear a favorite piece of mine. I had on something my little brother bought and gave to me one day he was home from school, just because he said it reminded him of me. I honestly love him dearly! It is such a colorful and unique garment, but I actually have to talk about it in another post. I got to work, got hot, and came out of it. I’ll revamp it with something new very soon. What I ended up in all day was a simple ensemble we are all guilty of owning and wearing. Needless to say, I didn’t worry about messing up a pair of my favorite boots, or snagging up a brand-spanking new pair of tights, like I am known for doing. I just wore my outfit and let it be. Of course we all have the perfect white shirt in our closet. I myself used to have and wear too many, really. It is that one piece that can be dressed up or down, worn during the day or night, and never goes out of style. Worn with pants in my favorite color, blue of course, I rolled up my sleeves and enjoyed this carefree outfit. I hope that everyone continues to enjoy their weekend, wherever you may be:-)

Eddie Bauer White linen shirt, Doc Martens boots, Ed Hardy cuff (also from my sweet brother), pants found at TJ Maxx, bracelet and earrings found at Dillards, and both necklaces from Forever21.
Be Blessed,