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Since my last post, I have now become a year wiser. I am officially 1 year older and, at 25, not quite sure if I feel any different. But, am I supposed to have it all figured out halfway to 30? Who really knows?…..Anyway, it has been raining so much around here lately. When people who are not used to the area ask me how the weather generally is, I have to throw my hands up and smile. Alabama just moves to the beat of its own drum. Every season, every year, and everyday is a new day. Some winters are exceptionally colder than the last, just like some summers are even more unbearable than the one before. My brother just asked my mom if she thought we would see winter at all this year. Seeing as though it is the beginning of February and the climate is checking in at 63 degrees, I would argue, probably not! Once again, who really knows:-) I myself am quite fond of the rain. It is storming outside as I write this post. And, as long as it is not destroying any homes or lives, I embrace the thunder and lightning. I find it to be the most relaxing and self soothing type of weather. Although, it does put a damper on my picture-taking. This is why I was glad to get a few new shots in, before the rain moved in. I was feeling bold this week with this retro stripe sweater dress. If I could have worn the shoes to work and survived the aisles of retail for 8 hours, I would have done it in a heart beat. They are such fabulous shoes and were one of my Christmas surprises. Hopefully spring will prove to show my Jeffrey’s a lot more love. I plan on wearing them out! Have a groovy night:-)
Jack sweater dress, fedora by Betmar, scarf by Collection Eighteen, Bach tan tapestry booties by Jeffrey Campbell, and Lucky Brand earrings, necklace found on ebay. Stay blessed, Chez