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And so, the end to a most relaxing weekend is finally upon me. I have gotten so many tasks done in the past two days that I can comfortably say, job well done:-). I am running on fumes right about now though. I think I finally made it to bed around 3:00 this morning, and with no mid-day nap, I’m beginning to feel my eyes droop. Oh dear! Anyway, I was feeling good this morning and decided to brighten up my day with a little bit of color for church. And what better way than with my favorite hue, royal blue. I combined several of my favorite pieces in my closet into this one outfit. I even made room for a fur today. Unfortunately, it turned out to be so beautiful outside that my sweet fur didn’t last past this mini photo-op. Actually, the day was far from unfortunate. We welcome sunshine, anytime. I am madly in love with this high-low skirt silhouette. I am eyeballing several by Free People that I will more than likely snag for spring! I found this fun piece on Melrose last year at Wasteland. I haven’t been so lucky as to find one here though, which is why I will probably order one from my best friend, eBay:-) It also just so happens to be my birthday week. Friday I will turn a very pivotal age, and I am not quite sure how I feel about it just yet. Hopefully that will change to optimism by the end of the week:-). I am ready for change, and I think it just might be the year for it. Only time will tell. I wish you all a joyful work week.
Nom de Plum by Yaya skirt, Chadwicks blouse, Hue tights, vintage fur, earrings and necklace by Betsey Johnson, Lucky ring, and my trusty Jeffrey Campbell Lola booties.
Until next time, be blessed.