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Happy Sunday loves:-) So, I was looking through my crazy, long library of photos dating all the way back to 2010. I just so happened to come across some favorites that I had conveniently hidden away. Just this time last year I had the hopes of starting up my fashion blog, but like other things in my life….I held off for whatever reason. Mom and I took several photos of several outfits, and I was completely prepared to finally get the ball rolling. Now that I have rediscovered the images, I felt the compelling need to share my last year’s fashion experiments with you all. I think I am digging this outfit choice from exactly a year ago. Truthfully, I’m not sure why I haven’t pulled this dress out of my closet this year, but maybe 2012 will show it the much-needed attention it deserves. Mom found this fun crushed velvet look, along with the jumbo earrings and fish necklace. Both accessories were given to me by her, along with a collection of vintage jewelry she surprised me with as a graduation token. As usual, I loved them all.It’s an interesting thing to notice the changes in yourself over the course of time. I especially miss the white streak in my hair from last year the most. It might be time to start some hairdo re-inventing, since the solid black is getting a bit old. Maybe I will share other early 2011 photos, but for now, here is my twist on a version of a 20’s inspired flapper dress. Vintage dress, earrings, and necklace, thrifted belt, Sam Edelman clogs, and Nine West leather hat

Be blessed, Chez