Happy New Year!!!So once again, I’m still dwelling on this past Christmas! I wanted to share my lovely tree with you all, seeing as though this time of year has always been my favorite holiday:-) I wish I could have shared it much sooner, but now that I am getting to a more regulated schedule, I finally have the time to post. My tree is my personality one hundred and ten percent! I recently re-decorated my room within the past year, and surprisingly most of my tree’s decor matches perfectly. It is quite amusing to see just how I manage to squeeze a 7 1/2 foot tree in my tightly spaced room every year, but I always make it work. Sacrifice for the ornaments, right! My mom started this tradition when I was just a baby to add a few new ornaments to our collection every year. And when my little brother came in the picture, he got his annual ornaments as well. So now, even in my twenties, I anxiously wait for the night my mother brings me my ornaments for the year. This time around they were waiting for me on my bed when I returned home from work! Granna added a few new too! She’s so inventive. Each year, I seem to add more and more to the collection besides just one:-)

Mom even labels the year somewhere on the bottom of each ornament. This way, I can look back on the different ones I've gotten over the years:-)

My tree is whimsical and youthful, and I wish to keep it that way as the years go by. With a bright color pallet and feathers and creatures galore, my tree decorating night is always my favorite. I change up the bow each year just because I love making them! I find an art in decorating and I got that passion from my mom. It never seems to get old. I think that I will eventually invest in an overflow tree:-) I just finished taking it all down, and on this first day of the New Year I wish you all happiness and joy for the months to come! Be blessed, Chez.