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Hello world. I have officially made it through yet another retail Christmas:-) My holiday was a lovely one, and I spent it with my family who I adore dearly. It was short, simple, and sweet! I find the older I get, Christmas is about tradition over all else. And now that I prepare myself mentally for a new year with new beginnings, I want to share a special treat with all of you. I made my first trip to D.C. this November with my mother, and I can honestly say that it was an eventful one to remember. Not only did I see the city for the first time, I had the privilege of decorating our President’s home, the “White House.” It was an experience with memories to last a lifetime and I am so grateful to have spent every minute with my mom, who made it all possible! We volunteered with some truly talented designers and I met many colorful people, while making friends in the process. We set off on our journey on Thanksgiving Day, which mom and I spent in an amazing hotel. It was a week-long adventure, filled with hours of hard work and anticipation! Mom and I were assigned to the State Dining Room where we spent our entire time volunteering. It was a grand room with grand decorations, and some pretty awesome decorators, if I do say so myself. I took so many pictures, almost 900, that my computer said, okay, “I’m done”, and refused to upload them all:-) I am giving you an inside view of the East Wing, from my perspective. I only wish I could share every snap shot with you. The very moment I walked through those doors will forever be embedded in my mind. The employees touched my heart and I was amazed to learn just how hospitable the White House staff truly is. I hope this piece of mom and mine’s experience will touch you too. The house was transformed from grand to grandiose in exactly 3 long days. Enjoy and admire, because the final outcome really was as majestic as the pictures lead on!

Caught mom walking:-)

I finally made it to see Lincoln:-)

Love this image..the sun was setting so beautifully.

MLK Jr. Memorial, breathtaking.

Our state, and the year momma was born. How fitting.

The White House, view from outside.

East entrance

This was so fun. Decorating the garland above Lincoln's painting.

Almost done!

Lincoln going back up. We finished:-)

Mom and me with our room's head designer, Jim Marvin.

The famous gingerbread house always goes in the State Dinning Room. It was amazing to watch the White House caterers tweak the design right in front of us. Made of gingerbread and white chocolate...amazing.

Grand Foyer Beams...

Grand Foyer trees..

Red Room

2011 Red Room topiary

Blue Room with Military tree, the largest one

Green Room

I was fascinated by all the White House chandeliers. It's amazing just how many pictures I got of only them:-)

East Room

Columns again...

Library Room

And me with the Library Bo. Neat fact, there was a Bo incorporated into every room.



So pretty...

Be blessed, Chez.