Happy hump-day all!
I hope that the week has been great so far for everybody. I am super stoked for this weekend because one of my best friends is finally getting married. She’s tying the knot on Saturday and the weather is supposed to be beautiful! I have been contemplating a new hairdo for a while and I thought that I might need to figure out what to do differently for the wedding. I gave in and had my grandmother straightened my hair. To my surprise, it has grown much more than I imagined. Despite my faithful curls, I’m actually enjoying this straight look. The change is welcomed and the loose locks, paired with an awesome little dress my mom snatched up for me, made a perfect match for today’s snap shots. This flowing, floral option has made its way to the top of my favorites list:-) It has all the right colors for fall, and one of my favorite prints ever….floral! It’s the epitome of hippy-chic, and it fit oh so perfectly. My mom’s awesome! When I saw the dress, I knew just what to pair with it. My earrings are simple feathers that I found at a nifty booth in Birmingham. They don’t match but I love that about the pair. I wanted to wear one of my hats, this one of which I found several years back. The feather details are always the right touch. I purchased my belt at Ross, also several years ago. This vibrant cuff came from Altar’d State. I was attracted to its hand-made appeal, and I always get stopped whenever I wear it. I wish I knew the designer. It almost seemed as though the cuff and the dress were made for one another. To finish the look off, I wore my graduation shoes for the first time since, well, graduation:-) They are a beautiful shade of pink and are made by Apepazza. I threw on these Steve Madden sun shades found at TJ Maxx, and I think I’ve made a perfect marriage. I don’t think I will wait to wear this number again. It’s just way too much fun! I wish you all a great end to the week. I challenge every one of you to step outside of the box this weekend. Wear something you ordinarily would look right over, and feel great about it. I’m going to take my own advice and try on something a little more flirtatious for my weekend festivities. You might just find a new silhouette that suites you very well!
Enjoy and be blessed,