Happy Monday!
I am so excited. This week has already started off to my likings. My favorite weather is the kind that most people find gloomy. Today there was a slight breeze and a mild drizzle, and I feel fall in the air:-) I wanted to throw this dress on before the days for wearing it faded away. Instead of doing something crazy, I went for a more subtle and matchy, matchy ensemble. I originally bought this dress to add to my future “date night wear”, but since those are few and far between, I figured I would go ahead and “Christian” it! This dress shows off the curves just right. I decided to dress the way I would if I were to wear this to work, or a for a fun day out and about. But, if I were to spice it up, I would throw my dress on with a pair of solid fuchsia pumps and slick one side of my hair back away from my face, with some lip polish to match. Maybe I’ll show it with a change-up one day! The dress is Romeo and Juliet Couture, paired with my New York and Company metallic blazer, and layered bangles. These boots are my newest Jeffrey’s. Jeffrey Campbell that is:-) I told myself I wouldn’t wear these until it officially got cold, but just like any new pair of shoes, I can never resist! The buckle on the side jingles when I walk. I think they give the look that feminine flair with a touch of masculine. Overall, it’s a comfortable option, and I love this color.I love the feather earrings. I finally gave into the crazy. This is my 3rd pair and I love the way they move so freely. Not to mention, you can’t even tell you’re wearing them! Best invention ever! Tomorrow night I will be attending a huge fashion show put on by Belk and sponsored by the Medical Alliance. I will definitely take pictures and post to document the night. I know it will be loads of fun. Can’t wait….
Enjoy the night, I know I will:-)
Be blessed.