It sure has felt like an eternity since my last post, as usual. It would be nice to have the time to do only this, but maybe one day. This past week was fantastic for me. I had the honor of seeing one of my best friends and her fiance over the weekend, and it was amazing to get the chance to catch up with her after all this time. She recently moved to Texas and I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. They surprised me at work while they were out doing some shopping, and we went out for drinks the next night. Shout out to Jess, I love you! Anyway, I realized that I love going out in this city. Granted, it might not be as much to do as you would find in some of your more congested city’s, but there is always something going on downtown. Everynight offers a new crowd, different music, and fresh experiences to go along with it. Sometimes, I like to be in a flirty party dress with my high heels on and red lipstick. As for the other nights, comfortable and chic is my main intention for outfit choice. I have this insane obsession with wide-leg, anything bell-bottom, and baggy pants. It’s that boho chic feeling that comes with flowy pants on bottom, and it lets me be free and feel completely sexy. I don’t have to worry about my skirt rising up, or being super hot in this southern heat. This time, I felt truly inspired by the somewhat decent afternoon skies that night and I had to relax and let go. I wore this ensemble for drinks and I can’t seem to get enough of these new pants. I was driving one Saturday out with my Grandma, and I literally slammed on the breaks when I noticed them in the store window. I was sold when I went in, and turned around and bought them in several colors. There goes my love affair with anything floral. I wore my black and mauve pair by Rue 21 and combined it with a mauve Free People top, that I also bought in several colors:-) Number one rule of thumb when shopping…When you find an item that you can’t live without and it fits to perfection in your eyes, get it in every color and figure it out later! There are always ways to change it up my friends. I live by this rule. And so, I thought this lace cover-up went nicely with the fit, which mom found in NYC last year. My monstrous Penny Loves Kenny clogs were a must especially with my new favorite polish for summer, amazing. It’s great having legs for days every once in a while, and these shoes do just the trick when I’m having my urges. Meet my Awesome indian ring, of which I do not like to take off, and another new favorite obsession, my fossil watch. It has a rubber band and I can work all day in it:-) So, maybe one day I can wear these pants to work, but Im definitely not altering them and my job would be slightly challenging in 5 inch platforms. Oh well. It is my little shrimp’s debut gracing my blog. Say hello to my new edition Ziggy. He is a Morkie in case you are wondering, since his last cut has left him looking like a Schnauzer. What a bundle of joy he is, literally. Happy Tuesday all. Enjoy and be blessed from Zig and me.