Happy Monday all!
I’ve missed blogging. It has been another fun-filled week, and busy at that. Love this picture of mom and me! Anyway, even though my days have been eventful, nothing quite prepared me for the surprise awaiting me on Friday afternoon. I have always loathed over this particular brand of shoe, and it is mostly in part to my love for Free People. If I could truly have the wardrobe of my dreams, other than some of the greats, my closets would be filled to perfection with Free People from head to toe. I remember a few years back learning about Jeffrey Campbell for the very first time. I saw an outfit that was put together oh so cleverly on the FP website, and the massively chunky heals the model wore that made the outfit complete. I instantly became attached to the vintage, yet modern flare Jeffrey Campbell’s line brings to the table. If it had not been for lack of places to wear them while in school, I would have looked into getting a pair months ago. Now that I have graduated, I’m trying to live life and go for the things that I have always wanted. I am more than likely behind the trend on owning my first pair of Jeffrey’s, but always better late than never, right! My mom, being the awesome person that she is, got her hands on a pair of Lita’s. They just so happen to be my favorite style, and one of the classics of the brand. I can’t believe she even found them in my favorite color. Totally not expecting to have these in my possession, as of Friday afternoon, I am now a proud owner of my first pair of Jeffrey’s. YAY! They are like my children. I put them on and dared to take them off. The leather is slightly distressed, and the few imperfections give the leather even more character. They are so beautiful, trust me. I couldn’t have received them at a more opportune time. Saturday was the finale of Huntsville’s first ever fashion week. The big show was held that night, and mom and I attended to see what the city had to offer. I will make sure to get pics up soon. Until then, here are a few pics mom took, post show. I love this dress by Inspira and my vintage blue jean earrings with rhinestones all over them. The outfit came together so nicely and my shoes set it all off. I am seriously in love, and I am actually excited to own pair number 2. I’ve officially started a new collection! I can honestly say that my wardrobe makes me happy, and that’s all I think I need:-) I hope you all have a lovely night.
Enjoy and be blessed!