This is another one of my pieces of artwork. It is not a recent piece by any means. I actually made it for my senior exit show that took place this past December. It was the inspiration for my page header so, I figured I would share what it is that you are looking at. This piece fits “Cover Me Clothes” perfectly because, what fancier way to be clothed than in red pumps and fish-net stockings! I enjoyed doing this series so much, and would have done more if time permitted. I had 7 in my show I believe, but I made many more. They are mixed media drawings, with added material. I always have to throw in fabric somewhere:-) This one especially was one of my favorites. I think it’s because she ended up looking like some oddly morphed version of a Lady Gaga, meets pin-up girl, meets drag queen. Totally not what I was going for at all, but I love it. She since then has sold, but I plan on making another one with the same concept in mind. Well, that’s all the sharing for now. More pieces to come, but until then……be blessed and have a marvelous day.