Afternoon all!
It’s a very pretty day and a nice start to the weekend. It has been a while since my last post because the past week was fairly busy for me. For whatever reason, I felt like wearing another maxi skirt. They are light, cool, and offer for easy wearing. I love the way they flow and the way they can elongate anyone’s legs. This ensemble is different from the last in several ways. When I saw this skirt in the store, I immediately fell in love, which I do very often. It reminds me of one of my grandmother’s old table cloths and the curtains I’ve seen her with over the course of many years. There’s a green panel that goes straight down the middle of the skirt and runs right into a sea of flowers at the bottom. Flowers are also on the band of the skirt at the top, which I would have liked to show, but my shirt fell right below it. I will definitely be looking for this brand again. I searched for the company online and I like what I see so far. The brand is Lapogee World Over and they are based out of New York. There are several pieces that I hope to get my hands on soon. Although all of the items do not appeal to my taste, the clothes are still quite interesting. My mother found me the most unusual pin, and I was dying to find the right outfit to pair it with. It is a set of sunflowers and they are so bright and beautiful. It must be about 3 inches tall. I seriously cannot get enough of antique and vintage pins. They bring so much character to garments when paired just right. When I put the skirt and pin together, I knew I had found my match. To do them both justice, I wore a simple white embroidered shirt with my neutral wedges. My earrings I found several years back at a vintage shop. I love this look and I’m sure I’ll be in it again, very soon. Until next time, have a beautiful day!
Enjoy and be blessed.