Good Sunday everyone.
I decided to change it up and do something new for today’s post. My intentions for this blog are to focus on specifically art and fashion, since they both are very important in my life. For the short period of time my blog has been up and running, every post has been geared towards fashion, with little focus on art. So, today’s post is dedicated to one of my most recent paintings. I love what is represents. My Godmother came to me at the end of April with a proposition. Her niece was expected to tie the knot at the beginning of May and wanted to change things up when it came to the guest book. Instead of doing a traditional book covered and decorated with all the elaborate things people decorate guest books with, she wanted to do a painting instead. The bride wanted a painting made especially for her and her soon-to-be husband. It would be positioned at the front entrance into the reception room for everyone to sign, with love. The painting would later be a permanent fixture in the couple’s home. She chose a bright picture of a Hummingbird, (her favorite bird) which had all of her wedding colors in it as well. The pictures are not the highest resolution because I had a point and shoot instead of my Nikon. Please excuse the glare. The painting is done with acrylics, and I did a light wash for the background. Seeing the painting at the wedding was nice, and it seemed to fit in perfectly. I was so happy to create something for my Godmother and her niece. I know just how much it meant to them, and that made handing over a piece of work even more rewarding:-)
Enjoy and be blessed.