There’s something about mixing textures and prints together that makes me all giddy inside. Maybe that’s why all of my art is geared around the act of patching together, to make something whole again. It’s intriguing to me to see what each outcome will be. Somehow everything always seems to fall right into place. It’s as if all the pieces were created just to find one another in the end. These are all reasons as to why I fell so deeply in love with this dress. It is everything great. This dress is a mixed-matched collage of materials that pull together to make something that, in my eyes, creates complete harmony:-) Flannel is not the obvious choice of fabric to wear in the heat of the summer, but paired with a cotton blend and clever stitch-work, I don’t really care. And since this ensemble is all over the place anyway, I paired it with one of my infamous animal necklaces and a vintage pin. One of my many loves is photography, and even though my mom took the snapshots, she handed the camera over to me for the accessory pics. I think my vintage pin is the darndest thing. So cute, and now my favorite picture I’ve taken this year. The dress is by Kimchi and Blue and my shoes are Jones of New York. My rooster necklace, tattoo socks, robot pin and shoulder bag from my mother’s collection made this look complete. I hope your weekend has started off grand:-) Enjoy and be blessed.