Happy Saturday everyone:-)
Well, today has been another hot day here in good ole Huntsville, AL. I woke up with thrifting on my mind so, mom and I went to a few spots. I was supposed to be ready at 1:30 for her to pick me up, but of course I was not:-) She was so hungry, so I threw on the quickest outfit that came to mind.

See if you can find my mom in the background:-) Didn't know she was in it until I went through to edit.

Easy wearing and cool at that, this number came from one of my usual stores I’d like to visit after payday. It was that kind of store that received pieces from other places, but at discounted prices. Sometimes I would even recognize the brands. I would definitely call it a hit or miss shop. Unfortunately, it was shut down here in Huntsville a little over a year ago or so. Every time I pull out one of the pieces I bought from there, it makes me slightly sad….hmmm. Moment of silence. Anyway, since doing my hair takes so long, I threw it up in a ponytail, grabbed the dress from my closet, accessorized, applied some lipstick, and hit the road. It was a perfect choice for the 90 degree weather. I decided to wear a pair of my cowboy boots, green ones to be exact, which are the oldest in my closet. I thought since they are so bright, they would bring out the subtleties in the dress. I will give credit to my mom for these. She has always had an eye for cool things. When I was in middle school I begged and begged for a pair of cowboy boots. My mom surprised me with these, and can you believe I didn’t like them at first. I was confused as to why she bought green. It wasn’t until high school that I finally embraced these lovelies and would rarely take them off:-) Now at age 24, I still rock them often. Have to admit, mom knew my taste, or should I say she figured it out before I did:-)My accessories consisted of this tiny bumblebee necklace by Betsey Johnson, and headband made of recycled fabric by Urban Renewal.

Cool fabric rose

I always love wearing this dress. What’s so special about personal style is that you get to embrace the things that make you happy. I only buy items that excite me because the thrill comes from wearing them:-) Now that the day is coming to a close, I will post pics of my thrift store finds from earlier. Until then, my puppy has been such a good boy, so Im going to give him a bit of TLC. Enjoy for now and be blessed.